Connecting dog lovers

UI & UX Design

BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with dog borrowers for walks, sitting and holiday care. As an affordable alternative to kennels and dog walkers, the BorrowMyDoggy platform allows members to create profiles, message, engage and meet with dog lovers in their local area.

When I started working for BorrowMyDoggy, I was tasked with managing and expanding both the brand, the user experience and the visual direction of the product which includes an iPhone app, desktop and mobile website.

Having developed rapidly as a lean startup, BorrowMyDoggy had previously been very focused on acquisition and was ready to start looking to develop a clearer focus on it’s product with increased visual consistency and usability.

Dog owners and borrowers have vastly different intentions when joining the service, I designed a product that fulfils their various and differing requirements whilst also radiating a sense of safety and security, crucial for building trust amongst the member base.

I established a user testing program to better understand the growing community of BorrowMyDoggy users and inform product and design decisions. User testing sessions and interviews with users and non-users helped define some of the key additions I made during my time at BorrowMyDoggy.


One of those key additions was reducing the profile creation and on-boarding experience from a 14 step process to a 4 step process, resulting in the profile completion rate more than doubling. Allowing users to easily message and meet each other was also vital to a good user experience. I redesigned both the profile pages and messaging system, including an activity status indicator that gives members a sense of how regularly people reply and how likely they are to be a good match for them and their dog.

Developing a fleshed out brand identity, style guide and design principles for the product helped bring a sense of legitimacy to a product that needed to be seen both as fun and community based whilst also secure and safe. I oversaw and designed the entire logged in experience for users, this included features like a status indicator, favoriting systems and a refer a friend function to increase acquisition opportunities. Additionally designed a dashboard and on-boarding experience for the BorrowMyDoggy iPhone app.

BorrowMyDoggy is rapidly growing platform. During my time, the community grew it’s member base from 100,000 to over 300,000 dog lovers.