Creative kitchen

Art Direction, UX & UI Design

Kenwood produces beautiful kitchen appliances for cooks and chefs. Within the Singapore market, they were looking to create a community of product evangelists and engage their customers on social channels but not quite sure the approach they wanted to take.

I developed the Creative Kitchen concept to unite around a recipe collection website and allow deep social channel engagement, competition and gamification.

Kenwood Creative Kitchen was a pitch concept that allowed users to submit their favourite recipes and be encouraged to share their recipe on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to gain votes and win prizes.

Every week a recipe ladder was released, highlighting the popular recipes and motivate entries for the coming week. At the end of every four week period the top 3 entries from the month were awarded prizes including Kenwood products and professional cooking lessons. A panel of celebrity chef judges would also pick their favourites of the month to be published in a cookbook.

The website allowed comments and community engagement on individual recipes, rating and ranking with video and photo integration - helping add variability and activity.

Kenwood also had the opportunity to integrate their products with user submitted recipes by auto-tagging and replacing generic terms like “use a blender” with a link and information of a relevant Kenwood product. This helped educate readers about key USPs of individual Kenwood products.