Flip and think challenge

Art Direction & UI Design

The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix is Lenovo’s first laptop-tablet hybrid. Lenovo was looking for a unique way to introduce the product to small and medium-sized businesses in Australia and Singapore.

I worked as digital art director and UI, UX designer on this project which received great feedback and stood out to SMBs as something they’d not seen before.

Lenovo Challenge - WebsiteLenovo Challenge - Website

The Lenovo ThinkPad Helix was developed with an emphasis on business and security features. I wanted to design something that would allow tech leaders in SMBs to learn all about the great security features in a way that was inspiring, educational and fun - highlighting to businesses why Lenovo and the Helix was the right option for their in-house tech.

I spoke to various people in a technology and systems buying capacity within SMBs to get a sense of what stands out to them when making decisions and how competitors currently present their products - the overwhelming response was traditional sales pitches, flyers and boring information heavy websites.

Armed with the information from decision makers and aware of a limited budget, I developed the idea of a ‘Flip and Think’ challenge that played out like a game of concentration, matching key unique selling points of the Helix to their purpose. Users who could beat the countdown would would win a Helix for their team.

The website also presented additional more serious ways for decision makers to learn about the product, including videos, case studies and reviews. This information paired with the fun minigame resulted in a great response from both the client and the SMBs, with large orders being placed and feedback that the site was a breath of fresh air as a sales tool.