Dan, a man with a blue shirt in a London park looking directly at the camera

Hello there

I'm Dan Baird, a digital product specialist with more than fifteen years of experience helping startups and established businesses define, design and build successful, human-centred products.

As a versatile designer and product manager with strong business acumen, I have a track record of delivering value for businesses and customers alike.

I love creating thoughtful product experiences crafted from deep human insights and sharp business strategies. Throughout my career, I have worked with fast-growing startups and globally renowned businesses, including Disney, Lonely Planet, Microsoft and most recently at Hotels.com in London.

My management, coding, and design ability allow me to understand the end-to-end product design process, scale it across different organisational structures, and effectively work with cross-functional teams. I’m excited by inclusive design, process development and experimentation; inspiring a culture of test-and-learn in any group that I work with or lead.

I consider myself a big picture thinker and a creative problem-solver who excels in collaborative and diverse environments. I am a hands-on designer and manager, equally at home designing components in Figma as I am in front of a whiteboard and a gaggle of junior product designers.

I’m currently freelancing, but I’m always excited to meet new people and hear about exciting opportunities over a coffee or call.