Kenwood Creative Kitchen
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Company: Targetbase, Role: Digital Art Director

UI Design Art Direction Pitching
Laptop showing the Kenwood Creative Kithcen home page

Now we’re cooking

Kenwood is a global leader in electronics and is renowned for making high-quality, accessible kitchen appliances for home cooks and professional chefs. This pitch was for the Singapore market where the company was eager to create an online community of brand ambassadors and evangelists around its pro home cooking range. This segment was underserved in the region, and Kenwood aimed to tie-in this new digital channel with new product launches.

The company approached my team at Targetbase with this very open brief for pitch, willing to explore new ideas and experiments. Outside of generating increased exposure to new Kenwood products, the primary requirement was to work alongside existing social channels to boost their digital presence in the Singaporean market.

Laptop showing a browse recipe page

Getting creative in the kitchen

Working with a team of account managers, I ran ideation workshops where the concept for 'Creative Kitchen' was born. The workshops included initial research and a brand deep dive to understand the customer and market, followed by creative idea generating exercises with freeflow drawing, voting, and discussion before choosing a direction.

The final approach was a website to unite an audience around recipe collection and sharing. With deep social channel engagement, competition and gamification, the site would give customers a home to share their food creations, driving exposure by enticing recipe creators to share their entry across social networks to gain votes and win prizes.

Every week a recipe ladder would be released, highlighting the popular recipes and motivating new entries for the coming week. At the end of the month, the top three entries would be awarded prizes including Kenwood products and professional cooking lessons. A panel of celebrity chef judges would also pick their favourites of the month to be published in a cookbook.

The site would allow comments and community engagement on individual recipes, rating and ranking with video and photo integration - helping add variability and activity.

Laptop showing a recipe for muffins

Keeping the bench clean

Kenwood would also have the opportunity to integrate their products with user submitted recipes by tagging and replacing generic terms like "use a blender" with a link and information of a relevant Kenwood product. This would help educate readers about the key USPs of individual Kenwood products.

Although provided minimal brand assets, I designed a range of pages and screens for presentation, all created to complement the sleek Kenwood products. Visually, I was inspired by the cleanliness and 'professional kitchen' feel of stainless steel but wanted to mix soft, inviting photography to add the home cooking ingredient. I also designed accompanying emails, print marketing materials and the final pitch deck.

Ultimately the pitch was a success and won us the client; unfortunately, the project was cancelled due to budgetary reasons, but ideas and elements were woven throughout future projects and campaigns run by Kenwood Singapore to this day.